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Staff Member Extension Email
Sara Junk (Lewellen), Director 8892 Sara.Lewellen@jfs.ohio.gov
Amanda Montgomery, Asst. Director 8832 Amanda.Montgomery@jfs.ohio.gov
Kristen Barker 8839 Kristen.Barker@jfs.ohio.gov
Daralene Bennington 8833 Daralene.Bennington@jfs.ohio.gov
Julie Blanton 8802 Julie.Blanton@jfs.ohio.gov
Amber Bloss 8804 Amber.Bloss@jfs.ohio.gov
Mitzi Carmean (Kiser) 8821 Mitzi.Kiser@jfs.ohio.gov
April Colley 8806 April.Colley@jfs.ohio.gov
Aundrea Crabtree 8800 Aundrea.Crabtree@jfs.ohio.gov
Mark Day 8825 Mark.Day@jfs.ohio.gov
Angi Green 8809 Angi.Green@jfs.ohio.gov
Heather Greene (Rider) 8801 Heather.Rider@jfs.ohio.gov
Lola Hannah 8893 Lola.Hannah@jfs.ohio.gov
Kimberly Hines 8813 Kimberly.Hines@jfs.ohio.gov
Kimberly House 8815 Kimberly.House@jfs.ohio.gov
Nicholaus Johnson 8823 Nicholaus.Johnson@jfs.ohio.gov
Stacy Kinnison 8814 Stacy.Kinnison@jfs.ohio.gov
Ted Lamerson 8810 Ted.Lamerson@jfs.ohio.gov
Erin Little 8895 Erin.Little@jfs.ohio.gov
Earlene Lute 8811 Earlene.Lute@jfs.ohio.gov
Abbigail Montgomery (Overly) 8826 Abbigail.Overly@jfs.ohio.gov
Laura Parker 8830 Laura.Parker@jfs.ohio.gov
Melinda Purpero 8807 Melinda.Purpero@jfs.ohio.gov
Vanessa Ramsey 8808 Vanessa.Ramsey@jfs.ohio.gov
Robin Richter 8834 Robin.Richter@jfs.ohio.gov
Kimberly Rickards 8891 Kimberly.Rickard@jfs.ohio.gov
Lisa Robertson 8894 Lisa.Robertson@jfs.ohio.gov
Angie Tackett 8827 Angela.Tackett@jfs.ohio.gov
Heather Tong 8812 Heather.Tong@jfs.ohio.gov
Madison Trainer 8824 Madison.Trainer@jfs.ohio.gov
Brian Trotter 8822 Brian.Trotter@jfs.ohio.gov
Brittany Vaughn 8838 Brittany.Vaughn@jfs.ohio.gov
Mary Weaks 8898 Mary.Weaks@jfs.ohio.gov
Amber Wolfe (Lawson) 8836 Amber.Lawson@jfs.ohio.gov
Tiffany Wolford 8841 Tiffany.Wolford@jfs.ohio.gov
Brian Workman 8816 Brian.Workman@jfs.ohio.gov


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